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4402 WLC & 1000 AP's

I'm trying to setup my wireless in a test environment before putting in my production just to verify I know how to set it up. Here is what I have: 3560 switch/POE, 4402 WLC, & a 1000 AP.

I plugged my AP into f0/1 of my switch and added it to VLAN 3. I assigned it an Ip address of

I setup G0/1 to trunk to port 1 of the WLC. Native vlan 1 with no ip address assigned.

On my WLC I setup a management port untagged assigned it IP address with a gateway of

I setup ap-manager untagged with an IP address of, gateway

I setup one interface "ccla_conf_net2" assigned it IP address Vlan 3 with a gateway of

Lag is disabled so I assigned all interface's to port 1.

I can ping and but when I go into monitor on the WLC it's showing 0 AP's as being up. Plus my wireless laptop is not picking up the SSID "ccla_conf_net2"

Do you have any clues as to what I'm doing wrong??

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Re: 4402 WLC & 1000 AP's

First suggestion is that you may have forgotton to configure your "ccla_conf_net2" as being capable of dynamic AP managment. Have you done that? Also, how did you get the IP address into the AP?


Re: 4402 WLC & 1000 AP's

Why you configure the AP as the gateway of the dynamic interface? As my understanding, the gateway of the dynamic interface should be the routed interface of VLAN3.

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