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5508 Primary/Backup Port Switchover

I have a 5508 setup with four ports (two ports connected to two seperate 3560's) with the management interface using port 1 connected to switch A as the primary port and port 3 connected to switch B as the backup port.  When I disconnect port 1 from the controller it switches over to port 3 connected to switch B but when I reconnect port 1 it doesn't switch back to the primary port 1.  Is there a way to make it switch back after a certain amount of time?  The reason I would want this to happen is the management interface uses HSRP and the active router is switch A, so if port 3 connected to switch B is the active management port then traffic has to be switched from switch B to switch A then routed out.  I haven't tested this but I think this behavior would also occur for dynamic wlan interfaces as well.

Also, my second question regarding non-lag controller interfaces:

If both ports for a specific dynamic interface tied to a wlan go down do the access points connected to that controller stop processing data for the wlan?

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