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6 AP1260's but 1 has 10x client associations.

Hi Experts,We have 6 autonomous AP1260's in access point mode in our office.  Its a pretty flat office layout and the ap's are equidistant from each other but for some reason 1 gets ~ 60 clients , the remaining gets around 5 -10 each.  All are configured identically.   Would reducing the power on the one with the most associations help - what power setting should I change it to ?

Any suggestions on making the client associations more evenly spread out.


6 AP1260's but 1 has 10x client associations.

This really depends on where your clients and your access points are located. For this you really should do a site survey. But I guess you don't have the time or resource right now for doing that, so you have to test the power value that helps you the most. Or you can filter client by mac address.

With a Wireless LAN controller you have more features to control this.

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6 AP1260's but 1 has 10x client associations.

I would have you look at Rob's suggestion in this thread.

Unfortunately, load-balancing is not something the IOS AP's can accomplish.  Without that capability it is completely a "client" decisions where they decide to go.  Eduardo's suggestion of a survey is applicable as you may have the APs placed in such a fashion that your highest density of user's are close to "one" particular AP.  You could tweak power levels using any of the supported power levels listed here on the 1260 data sheet; but that still may not be the best option.

Using Rob's suggestion of setting a max-assocation count for your SSID would definitely be an easier route, but you will need to be certain on your counts and coverage so you don't end up with your APs maxed, and no additional clients getting logged on.

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6 AP1260's but 1 has 10x client associations.

The clients, and not the WAPs, decided which WAP to choose.

You can try to do the following:

1.  Disable the 802.11b data rates of 1, 2, 5.5 and 11Mbps.

2.  You can also disable 6 and 9 Mbps and make 12 Mandatory.

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6 AP1260's but 1 has 10x client associations.

Shutting off the data rates help along with adjusting the power down on the AP with all of the clients.

I also found that you can adjust the client to be more aggressive roaming (wording may change based on NIC Driver).

You really should move to a controller based of of the number of AP's. With a controller the clients can roam better and you can do a better job of getting clients over to other AP's (load balancing).


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