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6506 Wism - Profile Threshold settings

We currently have in production a 6506_WLC. A few of our AP's alarm with the message: "Interference threshold violation reported by '802.11b/g'..." I noticed the default setting (which we kept) for the Interference Threshold is set to 10.  Does anyone have have any recommendations on what it should be set to?

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Re: 6506 Wism - Profile Threshold settings


     That value is a % meaning that if the interference value on the AP exceeds 10% percent then to alarm. Generally speaking I reccomend you leave it at the default unless you are sure that the interference isn't real. In most cases it's alarming for a valid reason, some of which could be these reasons:

1) you have some source of interference in the area of those AP's that could be negatively impacting your wireless environment, such as a microwave, wireless video camera, etc.;

2) Your AP density is too high or the AP transmit power is too high generating to much co-channel interference.

3) Too few clients to engage the RRM to change channel and power distribution on the access points (ie: check your access points and verify that they all aren't on a single channel)

4) Depending on the firmware version you are running there could be a bug (4.2.171.x and 4.2.181.x) both had some RRM issues that cause wierd things to happen.

Hope this helps.

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