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enabling 802.11k on wlan, clients that do not support it are able to work and connect to the network.

Clients that do not support it can ignore it?

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Re: 802.11k

Take a look at this guide as it answers your question

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Re: 802.11k

Assisted Roaming for  Non-802.11k Clients

It is also possible to optimize roaming for  non-802.11k clients. You can generate a prediction neighbor list for  each client without the client requiring to send an 802.11k neighbor  list request. When this is enabled on a WLAN,  after each successful  client association/reassociation, the same neighbor list optimization is  applied on the non-802.11k client to generate the neighbor list and  store the list in the mobile station software data structure. Clients at  different locations have different lists because the client probes are  seen with different RSSI values by different neighbors. Because clients  usually probe before any association or reassociation, this list is  constructed with the most updated probe data and predicts the next AP  that the client is likely to roam to.

We  discourage clients from roaming to those less desirable neighbors  by  denying association if the association request to an AP does not  match the entries on the stored prediction neighbor list.

Similar to aggressive load balancing, there is a switch  to turn on the  assisted roaming feature both on a per-WLAN basis and  globally.  The following options are available:
  • Denial count—Maximum number of times a client is refused association.
  • Prediction threshold—Minimum number of entries required in the  prediction list for the assisted roaming feature to be activated.

Because both load balancing and assisted roaming are designed to  influence the AP that a client associates with, it is not possible to enable both the features at the same time on  a WLAN.

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