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857W has no signal strength when moving from one floor to another


I have recently installed two Cisco 857W wireless routers and after installing them at two different houses, I am having exactly the same problem in both instances.

The problem I am experiencing is the lack of signal as soon as I move into a different room/floor.

In one of the cases, I installed the router in the Ground floor of a house and to connect to it I used my laptop with an Aironet CB21AG. When I was next to the router the signal was Excellent but if I moved to a different room (within the Ground floor) the signal would disappear in most of the cases or give only one bar of strength. If I moved to the first floor the signal was completely gone and I could not connect at all.

My clients, obviously, are not very impressed with this result as before they were using a cheap Belkin router and were not having any kind of problems with it. The reason to swapping the Belkin for the Cisco is that they now need to VPN into work and they also thought that if anything, the range of the signal would increase instead of disappearing.

Is there any advice/help any one can provide to sort out this problem? I would really appreaciate it.

Thani you

Kind regards,

Santiago Lopez


Re: 857W has no signal strength when moving from one floor to an

Indoor range happens to be 1 Mbps @ 320 ft.Try changing the channel number.If the problem is only with the spefic Laptop upgrade the drivers for the adapter.If the signal is week on many devices try upgrading the firmware of the router.The antenna would be effcetive if it is bidirectional rather than unidirectional.

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