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881w and Media Streaming

I am using the 881w and am having a issue with my xbox and PS3 being able to see my PC's as a media server.

The PC's can see each other and share files with no problem and can even share the media files I want to see on the xbox and PS3.

I can actually get the PC's to be seen if they are directly wired into the router and are not on wifi (and the xbox or PS3 are still wireless or wired it works). I want to be able to have all my devices wireless since I am in a apartment and can not run wires.

This was the first time I have setup wifi so any help would be gladly appreciated.

In Summary:

Xbox/PS3 Wired and PC Wired it works
Xbox/PS3 Wired and PC Wireless it doesn't work
Xbox/PS3 Wireless and PC Wired it works
Xbox/PS3 Wireless and PC Wireless it doesn't work

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Re: 881w and Media Streaming

Hi Jeffrey,

I assume you are using Windows? If so, I would look into whether or not Windows puts a higher security settings when on a wireless network. My guess (I am not a Windows user) is that it does.

I was installing Windows 7 in Virtual Box and I recall being asked questions about trust levels of my connection etc etc and whether all other network connections will be seen as 'potentially hostile' (my own words) after I had setup my first connection.

I'm a Linux user so please excuse me if I am way off.



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