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A few questions about wireless controller and IPS

hi everyone, I am new to wireless network and just have a few question about WLC and IPS:

1. I saw WLC 4400 have IPS function, and configuration guide of how to configure IPS in the WLC, my question is: this IPS function, also need to download IPS signature from cisco website? if yes, is it free for ever? or any other product/suscription need to pay?

2.I also found there is a configuration example about how to integrate WLC with IPS system to protect network, my question is: since WLC itself has IPS fuction, why it still need to be integrated with IPS?

3.If our network only has IPS without WLC, Can I use IPS to prevent rogue AP, say, some staff bring their own wireless router in the office to turn on the wireless access?

thanks in advance, I will rank your answer.


Re: A few questions about wireless controller and IPS

From WLC 4.0 release Signature files are inbuilt into the controller. 2. By integrating it is meant keeping WLC in sync with IPS not incorporating IPS into WLC. 3. Rouge information are sent by Access point to controller through LWAPP protocol which IPS cant recognize. You still need to have controllers.

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