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About Conversion LWAPP AP

We are using two IOS AP(AP1130)s and 20 LWAPP AP(1130)s with WLC4400. 20 LWAPP APs are converted IOS to LWAPP two weeks ago successfuly. but today i've tried conversion 2 IOS APs to LWAPP AP with Upgrade tool. The image conversion is OK and get IP Address and WLC management IP address correctly, but converted two APs are not able to join the WLC4400. The ping is ok WLC4400 to APs. I've checked debugging on WLC4400, AP send broadcast messages but WLC4400 is drop that. What's the problem?

Cisco Employee

Re: About Conversion LWAPP AP

Hi Yong,

I believe the IOS AP which you are converting to LWAPP are SSC(self signed certificates) APs and that may be the reason they are not joining your controller.

Can you config id they are SSC APs or not and if they are you can add these APs under AP policies with its SSC KEY and MAC Address.

Also can you post the output of "debug lwapp event enable" and "debug pm pki enale"



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Re: About Conversion LWAPP AP

Hi Ankur,

I'll let you know debugging outputs two days later cause I'm on a business trip.

Anyway, The two APs are same version and same model as previously conveted APs.

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