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acct-stop on client reauth



I have configured my 2602i AP to send accouting information to the radius server and I can get the acct-start and acct-stop without problems.

Recently, I also configured my AP to to make clients reauthenticate every 5 minutos(dot1x timeout reauth-period 300), but now the AP and I've noticed that even though the client stays in the AP more than 5 minutes, I get the acct-stop message on the RADIUS server 5 minutes after the acct-start. This is undesirable because it gives incomplete information.

The AP firmware is 15.2(4)JB5 (ap3g2-k9w7-xx.152-4.JB5), is this a known bug or have I messed up a configuration step somewhere?

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I believe that is how its is

I believe that is how its is and that you only see the full information during an initial eapol request.  Also note, changing the reauth timer has some undesirable affects on some clients.  This you will have to verify will all the devices that connect to that SSID.


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But by using "aaa accounting

But by using "aaa accounting network ** start-stop group **"(the relevant part is the start-stop), the AP should send the RADIUS the acct-stop information when the client leaves the station, not at the first reauth period.

I'll watch out if there are any complains. Thanks for the heads up.


Edit: I was just looking at some RADIUS logs and found out that one of our olds APs(model: AIR-AP1231G-E-K9) sent an acct-stop even though the client had done at least two or three reauths. This seems to indicate that this is a bug with this version of iOS.

Why would you request a

Why would you request a reauth every 5 minutes. That will result is poor user performace. Not to mention how their apps will or will not recover .. Almost everyone goes the other way even turning off session timeout all together .. The only value to reauth in some set time period is to regenerate new keying material for the RSNI ptk key. And tkip and aes isn't even broken ..
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