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Add AP License to AIR-CT5760 WLC

Hi Everyone,


Our question here is how to upload AP license, file .lic into AIR-CT5760 WLC?

The interface inside too much different with WLC 4400 and WLC 5500 series.

I have experienced before to add AP license for WLC 5508 series. And I thought the procedure is same.

I hope you guy can help me and if possible give me the procedures how to upload that file .lic.


Thank you very much for your help.












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This should help you to get start with your 5760

These models (5760/3850/3650) all using "right-to-use license" & it is different to AireOS (5508.2504,etc)

So something like is required to activate AP count license on your 5760.

license right-to-use activate apcount <count> slot 1 acceptEULA

This post also may be useful (as it describe IOS upgrade, licence adding, etc) Do not worry about model 3850, those config same on 5760 as well.




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 Hi Rasika, Thank you for


Hi Rasika,


Thank you for your info. Very useful to me.

Below is done for our AIR-CT5760.

I got the result after do the 'command'.

Why the <COUNT> part is 0 even I already put 100 in the command.

Is it correct?

So what is next?

To adding the license .lic use command copy tftp:xxx.lic flash:   right?

Can I upload the file .lic into controller using GUI? If possible please guide me.


Sorry broken english. HiHiHiHi.....


VIP Purple

What is the IOS-XE version on

What is the IOS-XE version on your 5760 ?

If you are running latest (3.6E) then you can activate it in using GUI (Administration -> Software Activation -> Licences) as well.

Pls provide "show version" & "show license right-to-use summary" output.




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