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Adding APs to Map


I'm adding new 2606 APs to the Map in WCS, and the Antenna keeps coming up as "Other", saying it's not supported.

But the installed antennas are Cisco AIR-ANT2524DW-R and should appear in the drop down box, but there are no choices in the drop down box for antenna - only "Other".

Any ideas how I can change this?

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Adding APs to Map

The WCS doesn't support thw WLC version for the 2600APs, so I guess it does not support the AP series..

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Adding APs to Map

I will suggest you to upgrade the version if it is older. reference to the below case and the solution for the query similar to your case.

WCS is subject to a number of catastrophic database bugs,  and should be avoided at all costs. Please do upgrade to for  stability sake as soon as possible.

AIR-ANT2422DG-R=  (a 2.4 gHz antenna) and AIR-ANT5135DG-R= (a 5 gHz antenna) are both  supported in WCS  However, with APs that have removable  antennas, there is no such thing as "detecting" an antenna.  The Cisco  antennas (and no others, that I'm aware of) don't have chips or any  intelligence in them, they're just pieces of metal shaped to make the  radio waves flow in a particular shape.

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Re: Adding APs to Map

Yeah take a look at the matrix that was posted. I would also abound Prime Infrastructure 1.2 at all cost!!!!!

You will have to purchase a WCS to Prime Infrastructure upgrade and either go with PI 1.3, 1.4 or 2.0.

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