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Adding campuses and moving buildings in WCS?

We have two problems, both of which run into what I think are limitations of WCS, and I'd love to hear any advice on how to deal with these.

1) We're getting a new campus, which currently consists of one building, but will be expanding in the future. I want to create the new building as a standalone building, then add it to the new campus later, when we know how large the campus is going to be and what other buildings it will encompass. I haven't been able to figure out how to move a building from standalone to a campus, or from a campus to standalone or to another campus. Can this be done, and how?

2) Our main campus is way too complex and has way too many small buildings for the interface. Even with a one-letter building designation the square representing the building will overlap neighboring buildings, especially if buildings aren't north-west oriented. Is there any way to "zoom" a campus map, or create sub-campuses? How are people dealing with this problem?

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Re: Adding campuses and moving buildings in WCS?

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