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Adding New AP to exsisting environemnt

Guys we have 3 AP's running in environemnt and we have two 4402 (12) as we have aquire more space we need another 4 AP's.....the  current Ap has a vlan and it points towards DHCP server where we have  install static maping to mac i have provided new IP  address to the server team along with the mac addresses so that they can  configure it in server.......i am really new to wireless we  have naming for already 3 AP's once you login to the WLC......guys do i  have to do some extra steps in WLC for new AP's or it shd we  get names into WLC??? for soon as AP boots up they  will get IP address from DHCP and will they start working right away????  i m trying to get my head around....plz help me out as we have  installation in two days

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Re: Adding New AP to exsisting environemnt

No problem.. if you are using the LWAPP ap's that is, if the AP model  number starts like

AIR-LAPXXX, then at the time u connect the AP  to the switchport configured for perticular vlan the AP will get the ip  address anf join the controller.



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