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aeronet 1310 AP

hi all

I wud b thankful if anyone helps to hav clear ideas abt the following

1)can a single AP act as both point to point bridging and point to multipoint bridging?

2)is there any distance factor in point to multipoint bridging?

3)how to configure point to multipoint bridging in Access point?

3)can i get WLAN within a 5 floored building with one 1310 AP connecting to switch 3560 without any client adaptors?


Re: aeronet 1310 AP

Answering to your first question, I suppose that will not work. I tried this with Ap1242 APs. The 1242 AP cannot operate a bridge in both the radios. The AP1242 is a dual band AP Bridge mode (an infrastructure mode that allows a pair of 1242's to perform Bridging (this is limited to one band .11a or .11b/g). It also supports linking to other Cisco-Aironet devices in Bridge mode such as

the 1300 and 1230s.

But, let me know which AP model you are using.

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Re: aeronet 1310 AP

In response to your first question, using point to point or multi point is just a matter of how many non-root bridges you have. 1 remote bridge and you have point to point, 2 or more remote bridges and you have multi-point.

The distance is determined by height above all obstructions, power level, noise level and antenna being used. To see what the range would be you should use the wireless calculator on this web site.

As for configuring bridging in the access point, you just need to set it as either a root or non root.

Not sure what you mean by the last question.

Seth Rosenthal CWNE #55

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