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AG1232 Acess point and HP 4100 Switch


I have a Watchguard X500 Firewall, an AG1232 AP, and a HP Switch. The switch has three vlan's on it. The DEFAULT_VLAN, INTERNET, VOIP. I have two SSID's on the AP, one is in guest mode using VLAN 72. THE OTHER is Private for internal use using VLAN 1 which is the default VLAN id for the HP Switch (DEFAULT_VLAN). The private net is running The ip for the AP is from this net. I have a int enabled on the X500 with a dhcp providing ip's for the guest subnet which is on VLAN 72. The Guest SSID's VLAN is also 72.

Here is my problem:

I can connect to the private net using wireless no problem, If I use the public (which is broadcasting) it connects but does not receive an ip. If I manually configure the IP it still doesn't work. I can connect physically to the ports configured for the 72 VLAN on my switch and be able to get the ip from the X500, and surf the internet provided that I manually type in the external DNS servers address.

The AP's port connects to a trunk port using the following command:

trunk b20-b21 trk2 trunk

The ethernet int of the AP is connected to b20 on the switch. I have a policy set on the Firewall for the net forwarding http port 80 out to the external wan link.

I am pretty sure I am messing up a couple of places but not sure where? Do I set a policy up for DHCP server and client? I can physically connect to the 72 VLAN and get an ip, so I am thinking the problem is either with my trunk or some config in the AP? I know I read somewhere in the forum about the Native VLAN, that it needs to be separate? Does that mean that I need to take all the ports of the HP Switch's default_vlan and put them on another VLAN so the native vlan is used for management only? Also, is there a way of being able to use my internal dhcp without comprimising security, and being able to assign guest ip's for the 72 VLAN, I am more interested in the DNS part than anything else. The X500 dhcp is working fairly decent. The X500 also serves as a router. I am using static routes on it, as the network is fairly small. Total of 50 folks. I am pushing these folks to buy Cisco equipment from now on!

Please help!


dazed and confused

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Re: AG1232 Acess point and HP 4100 Switch

Never mind,

I figured it out.... Thanks

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Re: AG1232 Acess point and HP 4100 Switch

What was the solution? We ran into an issue with an HP switch and Cisco wireless. We replaced the HP switch with a Cisco switch and it worked fine, no changes on the AP. Let me know what you did, it might have been something we missed on the HP.

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