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Air 1142 beginners problems

Hi guys!

I've bought a AIR-AP1142N-E-K9 to test the wireless n features. I've gone for the 1131 till now.

I bought a AIR-PWRINJ3= and a AIR-PWR-B= for this. The PoE injector doesn't seem to work with the AP.

I read that you had to use the AIR-PWRINJ4= PoE injector. Why is this? It is like 3 times the price.

Ok, I configured it for my needs, which is 2 SSID's and 2 VLAN. The config was copied from my old 1131, I would be sure the trunking and stuff would work properly  - it did.

I have this setup on the AP:

alfa is a open public network

bravo is a non-broadcasted network for office users

dot11 SSID alfa

   vlan 400
   authentication open

dot11 SSID bravo

   vlan 401
   authentication open

   authentication key-management wpa
   wpa-psk ascii 7 ***********************

interface Dot11Radio0 (same goes for Radio1)
ssid alfa
ssid bravo

encryption vlan 401 mode ciphers tkip
power client 30
channel 2412
station-role root
rts threshold 2312

This is the issues I have:    

I Windows 7 wireless utility, I've added the bravo SSID + Pre Shared Key.

I can't see the powerlevel (the 5 bars) when I'm not connected to the bravo SSID. But when connected, it functions perfect.

The autoconnect feature will not work for this non-broadcasted network when checked int the settings tab for the SSID in Windows. (I've checked the Connect to this SSID eventhoug not broadcasting)

Any suggestions why this setup doesn't work as planned?

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Re: Air 1142 beginners problems


as far as I know, 1142 can use the same power injectors as other APs as they don't consume more power like 1250s do.

The behavior you describe looks normal to me depending on the client behavior. If you hide your SSID, the beacons don't contain the SSID name so the client might not have it easy to show power levels etc ...

Does the same work when you use a 1130 ?


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Re: Air 1142 beginners problems

On the 1131's I use WEP and runs it hidden.

interface Dot11Radio0

encryption vlan 401 key 1 size 40bit 7 ************* transmit-key
encryption vlan 401mode wep mandatory

The clients is able to monitor the power level on this hidden SSID.

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Re: Air 1142 beginners problems

I know that lightweight APs hide the ssids even more than IOS APs, in the way that they don't even respond to broadcast blank probe requests. Maybe this behavior was also brought to the 1140 IOS ... that would be the only explanation I see. So in anyway, it would be a consequence of your desire to hide the SSID. You can't totally hide it and still be able to get informations about it. It's a choice to make :-)

It's for sure not related to the wep or wpa encryption difference at least.


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Re: Air 1142 beginners problems

Yes ok I see, but it would be nice to get this LAP behavior confirmed somehow. The Cisco documentation can be a hassle to navigate.

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