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OK I have a AIR-laP1242AG-a-K9 but I have now down graded it to a AIR-AP1242AG-a-K9. But the problem am having. Is when I login to the administration panel and edit anything and then click the apply button nothing happen and it dose not. Save to the AP so does anyone have any ideas in where am going wrong

May I know the reason why you

May I know the reason why you down graded? Is other function of AP is workimg fine?

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The reason why you down

The reason why you down graded. Is am using. As a Ap in my Home and dont have a wireless controler And no not all things or working when I edit anything. And the try and apply the changes they don't apply to the AP. Its like the apply button don't work
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Hi,I think you want to set AP


I think you want to set AP as Repeater/Bridge.

There are porblems but not always with GUI. Its alwayas good to configure Autonomous AP via CLI this is the best way.

If you need the config guide, check this:

any more question then please write here.



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hi, now i have a problem with


now i have a problem : cannot show all clients by mac add and ip access  my AP 1242 AG-A-K9 .

Can you help me how to config by web interfaces , please email for me that or

thanks so much !

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right i have found out why it

right i have found out why it was not working it was the web interface i was using but now i have a new problem and this is what i get when i try and set it as a Repeater after i have use the Express Security page to create unique SSID as it says in the Configuration Guide and saved it i then try to set it as a Repeater and get 

Message from webpage

'Set Infrastructure SSID' must be configured in order to set the 'Role in Radio Network' to the following roles:
- 'Repeater'
- 'Access Point(Fallback to Repeater)'
- 'Non-Root Bridge'
- 'Non-Root Bridge with Wireless Clients'
(See Security>SSID Manager page).

any help please 



Please refer:

Please refer:

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