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AIR-CAP2602I & DHCP/Name

Hi, we realized that there are Access Points which are seen on our DHCP by their names and other, which have the exact same configuration, only with by their MAC address. The Access Points are online since 6-7 weeks, dhcp lease time 7 days. We configured their names trough WLC GUI, but I checked it also trough CLI and hostname is configured. Versions are the same:

I couldn't find anything matching in the release notes of this Version.

Do you have an idea what could cause such a behaviour?

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AIR-CAP2602I & DHCP/Name

Hi Renata,

That's strange your problem, if all the access point's are the same model. One information the IOS still beta.

Try to do a factory reset on an acess point and configure again the hostname.


AIR-CAP2602I & DHCP/Name

It looks a new problem to me but you can refer to the datasheet of AIR-CAP2602I-

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AIR-CAP2602I & DHCP/Name

Is it that Cisco is testing a new forum feature here?! When a script can auto reference asnwers to questions as if they are offered by a member ;-)

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