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Aironet 1100 DHCP Server

Hey People,

I just bought an 1100 Aironet running IOS and want to know how to setup a DHCP server on it that will dole out IP addresses to my wireless clients.

I couldn't find how to do it in the user guide.



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Re: Aironet 1100 DHCP Server

If the access point is configured with default values and not connected to a DHCP server or cannot obtain an IP address, it defaults to IP address and becomes a mini-DHCP server. In that capacity, the access point provides up to twenty IP addresses between and to the following devices:

An Ethernet-capable PC connected to its Ethernet port

Wireless client devices configured to use either no SSID or tsunami as the SSID, and with all security settings disabled

The mini-DHCP server feature is disabled automatically when you assign a static IP address to the access point.


Caution When an access point with default settings is connected on a wired LAN and does not receive an IP address from a DHCP server, the access point provides an IP address to any DHCP requests it receives.

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Re: Aironet 1100 DHCP Server

An AP1100 can function as a DHCP client, using DHCP to obtain its own IP


An AP1100 has limited DHCP server capabilities at startup

time ( as mentioned in previous post ) but an AP1100 is not intended to function as a DHCP server.

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