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Aironet 1100 with Static Address

Hi All

I have taken over some access points from a company which were providing our wireless service and have not yet received the IP scheme information.

I need to get onto one of the Aironet 1100 access points to see what the config etc is.

I will only be able to take it down for a few hours, how to I actually connect to it.

I am pretty sure it is configured with a static IP address which I do not know so is there anyway of connecting to it without using the Reset to Default method obviously!

I have tried IPSU and a hub but no good.

All replied gratefully received!!



Re: Aironet 1100 with Static Address

I think the best way to do it would be to use CDP. Plug the AP into a Cisco switch and see what comes up. You can run the "show cdp neighbor detail" command to see the IP address.

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Re: Aironet 1100 with Static Address

The WLAN application of your host, be it Windows Zero Configuration, will tell you the AP name, IP Address, SSID, etc.

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Re: Aironet 1100 with Static Address

Thanks for the replies guys but it hasnt solved my problem.

Looks like it's not a static address after all

I have done the following

1. Plugged the AP into a switch on our network and connected to it wirelessly. I receive an IP the very same as if I was plugged into the switch directly and when I do an IPconfig I get the very same info as if I was plugged directly in. Still cannot find the AP IP Address though.

2. Plugged the AP into a switch on our network and connected to the switch and did a show cdp neighbour, the access point does not show up, only other switches.

3. Read the user guide and connected my laptop directly to the AP with a CAT 5 cable and gave the laptop an address of . The AP does not seem to revert to as suggested in the manual.

4. I have tried to run the IPSU under all the above conditions, searching by the mac address of the AP but it has not received anything.

ANy other ideas, Im at my wits end!!


Re: Aironet 1100 with Static Address

What leo was suggesting is that you use a third party wireless supplicant rather than Windows Zero Config. Windows does not give you info such as your AP's IP address. Clients from Atheros or Cisco will supply that information. Other clients like Broadcom and Dell may also have that functionality.

Another idea: Get onto the switch and perform a "show mac address-table interface INTERFACE", where INTERFACE = the AP's connected interface. Then get onto your router or L3 switch (whatever serves as the default gateway for the APs) and run a "show ip arp h.h.h", where h.h.h is the mac address of the device on that port. You might need to sift through a bunch of MACs if there are wireless clients on the AP.

*Note that "show mac address-table" might be "show mac-address-table", depending on the switch model.

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Re: Aironet 1100 with Static Address

Thanks again for the reply.

I did what you suggested and got the mac address no problem.

When I connect to the AP I get a gateway of say

I then telnetted to that switch which is our main core switch and ran the show ip arp command but nothing came back at all.

No errors, but no results either.

Also I have looked for the mac address on the DHCP server and I cant find it there either..

Nearly ready to give up!!

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