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Aironet 1140

Hi we just purchase 2 aironet 1140 ac

cess point

We configure both of them as access point and put one on the first floord and the second one the the second floor

Is there a way in windows client to tell windows to use the best wifi access point (the best signal) ?

If not is it better to confirure one as a repeater ?  Ive read that setting an access point as a repeater will drastically reduce throughput...

Any suggestion on how should i use these 2 access point ?

Thanks !


Re: Aironet 1140

You want to configure the same SSID on both APs and the client will automatically pick the AP with the better signal.

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Re: Aironet 1140

Ok thats a good idea but 

let say for exemple

Client1 connect to AP1 at first floor...

Then he move and go to second floor...

It will not switch automaticly to AP2 ?

Client have to disconnect and the reconnect right ?

Thanks !

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Re: Aironet 1140

There are a number of reasons whether or not the client will associate to a specific AP and not to the closest one:

1.  Signal strength, SNR;
2.  Client drivers

Check the signal strength of the APs from different floors.  You can either lower the transmission signals or moving the APs might help.  Another is disabling some of the lower MCS rates.

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