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Aironet 1200 Keeps Losing IP/Web Interface

Hi guys,

I am new to using aironet. I first set the fast ethernet 0 to obtain IP address via DHCP (my broadband router) which it did. I still couldn't ping or open the web management browswer via the IP address allocated.

The IP address fell off the broadband router after about a minute. The other 3 devices connected are fine so it isn't the router.

I then allocated a static IP to the fast ethernet 0 on the aironet and directly connected to my laptop via crossover. laptop was and aironet was .1 but they still couldn't ping eachother and the web management window wouldn't open.

I have no idea how I can connect to the AP to configure it via the web management interface. I need to use that as I want to capture screen shots for a lesson plan.

System image file is "flash:/c1200-k9w7-mx.122-13.JA1/c1200-k9w7-mx.122-13.JA1"

cisco AIR-AP1210 (PowerPC405GP) processor (revision A0) with 14326K/2048K bytes of memory.

any help much appreciated.

ap#sh ip int brie

Interface IP-Address OK? Method Status Protocol

Dot11Radio1 unassigned YES TFTP up up

FastEthernet0 YES manual up down

BVI1 YES manual up up

Virtual-Dot11Radio0 unassigned YES TFTP down down


Re: Aironet 1200 Keeps Losing IP/Web Interface

interesting. I'm pretty sure you want your BVI to be the one with the IP address.

Fa0 and Dot11Radio0 should be in bridge-group1 by default, which would map to BVI1.

If you clear the config, it should pull dhcp by default off the bvi1 port....

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