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Aironet 1200 - Problems connecting 2 subnets


Ive upgraded the Aironet 1200 AP to IOS with the IP 147.252.67.A gateway 147.252.67.B and DNS 147.252.67.C

In our lab we have 2 subnets where all the computers on the wired network have the IP 147.252.67.xx and all the wireless clients have an IP 10.10.10.xx.

I have configured the AP using the CLI interface to assign the IP 147.252.67.A to the FastEthernet0 interface of the AP and the IP to the dot11Radio0 interface of the AP.

I can ping both interfaces from the wired and wireless sides. However I cannot ping from the wired to the wireless or vice versa. I have added in a route in both wired and wireless computers so that they know how to route to each other.

What can I do in order to enable communication between the wired and wireless via the AP?

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Re: Aironet 1200 - Problems connecting 2 subnets

You need a router or other Layer 3 device.

The AP is acting as a hub/switch: it doesn't translate any of the traffic going through it.

You can put the wireless clients on the wired address range, or the wired on the wireless address range and they will talk. If you have two different address blocks (10.10.10.X and 147.252.67.x), then you must have a router to permit the different address blocks to talk to each other.

Good Luck


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