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Aironet 1200 - really hosed

An update went south on me and the Aironet 1200 is in a continuous restart. I tried the reset using the mode button when applying power and that didn't work. This puppy's stuck. I've attached the captured text file from the console.

Any hints will be truly appreciated!



Re: Aironet 1200 - really hosed

your tftp server is in the wrong subnet for starters. (

you need to be in the same subnet with the newly defaulted radio and I think you get to choose between .2 and .30

try that first and see what happens..I'm not sure about the syntax, but that is because I get the two scenarios confused..a lot!

Cisco Employee

Re: Aironet 1200 - really hosed

The AP is continually resetting because it is running an LWAPP recovery image. The AP tries to find a controller and when it cannot, it resets.

As for the mode button recovery:

Looks like your AP is unable to find a tftp server to load the default image when you use the mode button.

Follow the steps at the following URL under the section "Using a TFTP Server to Return to a Previous Release:"

Best Regards,

Ben Solero

New Member

Re: Aironet 1200 - really hosed

Still working on it. The AP does see the TFTP server, but it's not finding the file. Is there a certain version of the image that will work as the .default?

Hall of Fame Super Red

Re: Aironet 1200 - really hosed

Hi Mark,

To add a little more to this thread here is an excerpt from a post that I threw out in October of this year. Have a look at the details in the following threads that all have to do with TFTP. There are some great hints for troubleshooting TFTP problems from some of my favourite NetPros like ScottMac,Stephen from Cisco (Thanks Steve, for the great work in the recent ask the expert forum!) and Jack Young. The likely culprit may be that you need to uncheck "hide extensions for known file types" on your TFTP server;

Hope this helps! Good Luck!


New Member

Re: Aironet 1200 - really hosed

Thanks, Rob. I'll check the info out. As a rule, I uncheck that little box on every machine I touch (I grew up with DOS - extensions give me a warm fuzzy!)


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