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Aironet 1200 With Bluesocket

I was wondering if anyone has ever used the aironet 1200 with bluesocket? If so what do I need to do in order for the aironets to be placed behind bluesockets protection?

Would I use a route-map on the switch the aironets connected to or something elsw?

New Member

Re: Aironet 1200 With Bluesocket

An easy configuration might be to put everything on the "wireless" side in it's own network and route between them using a couple static routes.

A few years ago did a pilot project for a "simple" secure wireless solution , we put in a bluesocket device w/1100 waps behind it. It was a pretty simple setup except the wpa supplicant wasn't too far along for xp. We used the bluesocket device for authentication using ldap to the directory and setup roles on the bluesocket device. The role had connection requirments i.e. ipsec connection from client to bluesocket device and these role dictated what you could connect to bandwidth etc.

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