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Aironet 1230AG


I just got a new Aironet 1230AG and connect it to my office switch. The AP can successfully assign IP addresses and gateway/subnet/DNS information to clients. I disabled securities (no WEP or WPA). However, from my client laptop i cannot access interent, even though I am able to ping, or any other websites. It is so weired that it seems to me there is a feature in the AP that filters out internet traffic.

Please help! Thank you.

-someone new in Wi-Fi

New Member

Re: Aironet 1230AG


Fromwhat you have mentioned, your AP must be in AP mode on the right radio, so verify that your wireless clients are using DHCP and auto DNS, and then their software firewalls are off. If IPs are properly assigned (verify with ipconfig) then browse your LAN. If all this check out then you should have internet access. Verify your wired clients do. If youstill have problems reset your AP to factory defaults and start again.

New Member

Re: Aironet 1230AG

Thanks for the reply. My wireless client is able to connect to LAN computers. And is able to connect to Intranets, with private IP address of the Intranet.

However, I have to take back what I said from my initial message that I can ping "all" websites. I can only ping them by IP address. It still seems this is a DNS problem for me.

There is no wired connection.

What I need is to filter out the possibilities: So there is no such filter setting in Aironet AP that can block Internet traffics? Do I need to add a static route in my AP for the client to connect to internet? this last questions seems dump because I am able to ping by ip addr...



Re: Aironet 1230AG

Cisco APs don't route. The IP address and Default Gateway you configure on the AP is only for managing the AP.

Your DHCP (or static) address assignments on the clients must point to the gateway router that can provide a path to the Internet (and internal network).

The AP is just acting as a dumb switch or hub .. aside from blocking client-to-client traffic (if you configure it to), it doesn't do anything with the traffic except pass it from wired to wireless and back.

Good Luck


New Member

Re: Aironet 1230AG

Thanks Scott!

Now it seems even more weired for me. But let me try to do a reset to the manufacturer condition on the router first.

Still, what other possibilities could have been the cause even though my wireless clients geting the same ip/dns/gateway just like other wired clients, and with AP set up for open access (no security configured)...

By the way, my wireless clients receive dynamic IP from the network's DHCP server, not from AP's DHCP service.


Re: Aironet 1230AG

Is the AP in the same VLAN as the wired clients?

Is the AP wired (i.e., plugged into the same switch as the wired clients)or acting as a relay to some other wireless thing?

Let us know.


New Member

Re: Aironet 1230AG


yes the AP is in the same VLAN as the wired clients. I didn's set up any VLANs and leave everything default settings (my wireless clients can communicate with other wired clients).

And the AP is indeed wired to the same switch as other wired clients...

New Member

Re: Aironet 1230AG

Hey Jim, you say that you can ping and other internet websites, my question is: Can you access the webpage by typing it's ip address instead of

If you can access with ip it seams like you have a problem with your dns settings.

New Member

Re: Aironet 1230AG

the strange thing is I can ping, and ping ip, but still can get to by using its ip...


Re: Aironet 1230AG

Hi Jim,

what OS are you runnning?

Lets say Windows XP.

Sometimes you have to clear caches like arp and dns.

Try tha following: rightclick on the networkicon of the WLan connection and choose repair. This will clear out all caches.

You may also try this:

- open a DOS-Box

- issue the command (Without qoutes)"ipconfig /flushdns"

- "arp * -d"

This may help.

Best regards,


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