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Aironet 1310 3 stations periodic dropouts

I have 3 Aironet stations, A Cisco engineer assisted with the setup, here is the configuration

Non-root bridge tied (omni 12db gain)to a computer, a root bridge on a mountain, 1/4 mile away, omni to non-root, and directional (21 db gain) to a elevation drop of 100 ft 1/8 mile away workstation bridge. Both the non-root and workstation are associated to the parent root.

Everything will work except that I cannot access the root by IP, but it associates and allows comms to pass through, then for no reason that is evident, we will lose communications for 10-20 minutes, and it comes back on its own.

The directional antennas are 100meters from a road and about 50 ft high, is it possible that trucks are scattering the signal as they pass under?

I am at a loss as to why I am losing communications, when everything is working I have great connectivity with fast response times, then nothing.

Any help is appreciated in resolving this issue.

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