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Aironet 1310 Point to Multipoint Configuration.

According to the installation manual in a point to multi point configuration one device should be a root-bridge a the others must be non-root bridge. This is working fine. From the root bridge I can see the true CDP and ping the other devices. with out any problem. Even Http and set up the non-root bridge?s configuration.

The problem begins when I am trying to ping from a non-root bridge to another non-root bridge and have access to the resources in that side of the Lan.

The ip Addressing scheme seems to be fine , all the devices are in the same sub-net. Know what am I missing in the configuration of the root bridge so he can permit the communication between all non-root bridges?


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Re: Aironet 1310 Point to Multipoint Configuration.

I didnt have the time to check your configuration but I can give you a link that mind help you. I try it as point to multipoint and i could ping between the two non root aironet

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