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Aironet 340 to 350 bridge performance problem

We have two buildings bridged with Aironet 350 and 340. The response has been very slow and there are quite a few CRC errors being produced (about 5-6 per sec) This bridges have been installed for sometime and were there when I took the job. I need to get reliable communications established asap. The basic configuration is:

Lan subnet 1 <---> ip 1.254 Cisco 1721 Router ip 2.1 <---> 350 Bridge ip 2.6 <--> 340 Bridge ip 4.5 --> Lan subnet 2

I am not a that strong in network design but it appears that a router should be between the 340 bridge and the switch. I am also not sure it is necessary to have the buildings on two different subnets.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Aironet 340 to 350 bridge performance problem

Usually the bridges are for connecting a remote location to the central location to make one LAN. In your description it looks as if something is missing as far as another bridge or in fact another router. If you are trying to connect a remote site to the central site you will not need a router unless you are in fact trying to get two different LANs to talk to each other. One thing to note is that the 340 bridges and the 350 bridges are not truly compatible. There is a spanning tree issue between the two.

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