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Aironet AP350 repeater with non-Aironet root AP


I have been trying to get my Aironet AP 350 to work in repeater mode with a) an Apple Airport and b) with a Orinoco AP-1000. However, I can't get the AP350 to talk to the access points.

The AP350 has 12.01T1 firmware and I made sure the Airport and the AP-1000 have up-to-date PC-Cards with WEP-128 support installed. Also, I resetted the AP350 to factory default for subsequent tries.

Then I followed the instructions for configuring the AP350 as repeater. The AP350 always just blinks 50/50 (once it blinked 7/8, 1/8 but it appeared it still was not associated with a root AP, only saw itself).

When configured to associate with the AP-1000 all I got was the following packet information on the telnet console:

01:17:28 (Info): Packet from 00022d50d466 to [AP350-59cd8f]000943d7da42, 802.2 DSAP 0x01, length 92

The logs shows a warning: Authentication lost with parent.

Maybe I did something wrong, because I did not use the serial cable to configure the AP350. I just plugged the network cable into laptop and AP and used the web frontend/telnet. The AP350 did not, as described in the docs, reboot after selecting repeater mode and the ethernet interface was not switched off.

Is this a general problem of not working with other brands or just my ignorance?

I'd be really happy to get it working as there is a big wall between me and the root AP that limits the usage of that AP to just one room.


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Re: Aironet AP350 repeater with non-Aironet root AP

Hi Leo,

Repeater mode is not part of the WiFi testing so inter vendor operation can not be gaurenteed. It will work in some combinations but not others, it is not supported. If you want to use repeater mode then use all one vendor is the safest option

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