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Aironet Bridge, multipoint question. I need some help

I have two buildings that are ~1 mile apart that I was looking to connect via Aironet 350 bridges but these two buildings are seperated by a natural hill so there is not line of sight. I can stand at the top of the hill and have line of sight to both locations. I would like to put a bridge at the top of the hill inside some type of enclouser so it's protected from the weather. My question is about which model of the 350 bridges would I need to put where to support this multipoint setup or is this even possible? Could I get away with WGB's at each location and maybe a regular 350 bridge at the top of the hill? I'm not sure what hardware I would need, this is my first attempt at wireless. Can anyone help?

Would this work?

Site A(WGB) <-------------> Hill(BG in AP mode)<------------->Site B(WGB)

If anyone can help recommend what hardware I should buy I would appreciate it!

Matt Melick, MCSE

Network Admin

Seneca Medical, Inc.


Re: Aironet Bridge, multipoint question. I need some help

If you have clear line-of-sight from A to B then can put a bridge with an omni.

This is how you can do this:

BR350 with Directional <~~~> BR350 with Omni <~~~> BR350 with Directional.

You can get more information on antennas form the following document:

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