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Aironet LAP 1140 vs LAP1040

Hi to all,

Could someone please tell me the differences between these two AP families (Aironet 1140 vs Aironet1040) ?

I've seen that the LAP version of the 1040 doesn't support the feature Extended Coverage..what is this feature about? Antenna specifications?

Moreover these LAP could be use in combination with:

- WLC 21XX Series and

- Switch 802.3af compatible (up to 15.4W per port)


Thnx for the support


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Re: Aironet LAP 1140 vs LAP1040

1040 doesn't have MIMO.

1040 is a "cut-down" version of the 1140 and cost less.

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Re: Aironet LAP 1140 vs LAP1040

actually the 1040 supports MIMO , however it supports 2x2 and the 1140 supports 2x3

they both work with the standard .11af power .

i guess the only difference between the two is the the 2x2 ( 1040 ) and 2x3 (1140 ) spiral streams

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Re: Aironet LAP 1140 vs LAP1040

So as I have supposed the basic difference are the MIMO Streams: 3TX/3/RX on the 1140 and ony 2TX/2RX on the 1040...

but on the CCO a pdf "at a glance" regarding the Aironet AP states that the 1140 have also these features which are not present on the 1040:

- Extended Coverage (any info found on the CCO regarding this...)

- Multimedia (Voice Video)

- Cisco ClientLink (interesting feature for mixed environment g/n and a/n)

- Cisco Bandselect

obviously price came also as a difference ;-)

thanks to all for the replies...

I think I will go with the 1140 Family on the WLC2125 (also if the interfaces are not Gigabit so I won't be able to support full 802.11n but sure to have better performace that traditiona 802.11g)


Re: Aironet LAP 1140 vs LAP1040

Just a small correction, the 1140 is 2x3:2 and  the 1040 is 2x2:2 ..

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Re: Aironet LAP 1140 vs LAP1040

Hi George,

you mean 2x3:2 that I've 3x streams for the TX flows and 3x streams for the RX flows on the AP1140 Family, right?



Re: Aironet LAP 1140 vs LAP1040


T - Transmit

R - Receive

S - Spaitial

You will fine 802.11n with the following flavors:






Cisco Aps support 2x2:2 or 2x3:2. Atheros will have their 3x3:3 chips coming out in April. Not sure what Cisco's road map is to support it. The spatial is your "money". Each spatial equates to 150mb, so you will see 3x3:3 equates to 450 mb.Thats why with Cisco APs and others, you will only ever get 300 with xXx:2.

** EDIT **

Let me add further, 2 on the transmit means you will use no more than 2 antennas to TX on. 3 on the receive means you will use 3 antennas to rx on. The spatial is your streams. if you have a 2 stream AP, that the most streams you will have. AND, thats if your environment is favorable to use 2 streams... Just because it can do 2, doesn't mean it will always do 2 .. it takes advantage of multipath ...

802.11n although by standard could support  600 4x4:4, its VERY unlikely we will see that in the enterprise. Atheros mentioned they will not support development of the 4x4:4 chip. Why you ask ? They said that 802.11ac should be a quick ratification.  802.11ac, you will be able to do 8x8:8, hence GIG over wireless.

Make sense?

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