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Aironet not working when connected to different IP Subnet

As per setup B .The Wirless laptops are installed with AppGate client software.If I need to connect to the wirless network, there is AppGate Icon in the desktop of the Laptop.when I click a new window opens asking for 3 login details. Ie..

Open Connection to


2)UserName : technician

3)Password :password

When I enter the above details it authenticated and gets connected and totally works fine, as per the setup B . When I enter the above details as per the setup A it says failed to connect to host I want to implement the wirless network as per the setup A as shown in the Power Point presentation.

Please help me with all basic steps with as how to configure the switch and details I need to do for this scenario to work.

Thanks a Lot


Re: Aironet not working when connected to different IP Subnet

Hi Rajmohan,

It will work fine and it also depends on what config u have done in manageable slave switch. I hope these two subnets should be in two separate vlans.

First u just try by connecting a Laptop/PC directtly to switch in setup B and check whether u r getting ip thro. dhcp.

Then u chk by connecting AP, without any vlan configuration. Then u just configure one vlan and allow that in ur radio port and put ur management ip of AP in the native vlan.

Hope this will helps,


Re: Aironet not working when connected to different IP Subnet


In addition to balajis post do check up the connectivity between your wireless client and your Curriculum Servers.

Also do check out the connectivity to from your client if everything works fine then you need to find the access rights being given to 10.20.227.x network to acess 10.100.100.x network..


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