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Any example about setting up wirless LAN network

Hi Guys,

I was assigned a task to do a flat wireless installation in a few weeks. The products include 4 Aironet 1200 AP, 6.5dbi diversity patch antenna(s), Aironet wireless 54MBPS 802.11a int. antenna Cardbus PCMCIA, Cisco Sececure Access Control Server 3.1 for windows.

Since it is the first time I am doing the wireless stuff, I would appreciate it very much if anybody can tell me where I can find some examples about the whole procedure I should follow and what are something I should notice in the project.

Thanks in advance!



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Re: Any example about setting up wirless LAN network

Hi Richard,

There is not really a cookbook for this as every environment is so different but a few comments and links for you.

The AP 1200 can support 2 radios, the 802.11b and 802.11a radio,

I have noticed you spec'd 6.6dbi antenna yet 802.11a client cards.

The AP 1200 802.11a radios have a fixed antenna not a removeable antenna like the 802.11b does. I would double check which radio you have ordered for the the 1200's if you are not sure post the full part number here and I will confirm them for you.

As to tips for the install, I highly recommend a full site survey, even more important if you are using 802.11a, if you dont have a good basic RF background understanding then it may be prudent to outsource this part of the installation to a system intergration partner as it will have a very big and direct effect on the stability of the network.

Here is some information on doing a site survey

Background RF information


Here is the documentation to configure the 1200, you have 2 choices on OS


and IOS

And here is a good white paper on secuirty, as you listed ACS it looks like you are going with some kind of EAP but this should help clear up any questions you have in this area

This should get you started if not please let me know exactly what you are looking for


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Re: Any example about setting up wirless LAN network


Thanks a lot for your help.

Fist to clear your confusion:

We are trying to use 1200AP for both 802.11a and 802.11b radio at the same time,and we already have one 1200AP with 802.11b clients, so we only order 802.11a client card and 4 additional 1200AP with 802.11b patch antenna this time. So the environment will be full of 802.11a and 802.11b clients at the same time.

I have been working with Cisco products for 6 years, but mostly working with router, switches, PIX firewall,and ATM switches. It is my first time I will be doing a real wireless project although I have done some training in Cisco wireless course and have some basic knowledge about Cisco wireless stuff.

Acually, my main concern is about Cisco ACS in this project. I am not sure that I can get the EAP authentication going between the wireless client and ACS server at this moment. Other than that, I think I can handle it.

Again, since I don't have hands on experience about wireless stuff, I am looking for tips and configuration examples about how to configure client machine, AP, and ACS server together to make sure EAP will work.

To be more detailed, my question is:


What parameter do I need to configure in Aironet Client utility software in client machine to use ACS authentication(802.11x and EAP authentication?)

It would be great if there is any example or menu about it.

2) What are some parameters that I need to configure in Access point to use EAP authentication? How do I make sure that Access point will forward the user info to ACS server instead of doing the authentication by itself using open authentication or static authentication?

3) How do I configure ACS?

That are basically what I am looking right now.

I will look into the URL you gave me to see if I can find any.

If you can give me more details about my question, I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks again for your help.


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