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Any other options other than low loss cables for an external antenna

My problem is this.  I have to survey a college campus and there are a lot of historical buildings.  I am un able to mount anything to most of those buildings.  They do however already have in place emergency call boxes with an already existing antenna attached to the post.  The problem is that the conduit feeding the post is only 3/4 inch and I have to swap out the antenna for a new 802.11n MIMO omni.  I cant dig to get new conduit put down so I am stuck having to use the existing conduit.  is there any other way to get the signal to the post?  Mesh is out of the question.  Company will not allow it.  Are there any types of converters out there that i could use to convert from coax to maybe cat 6 and then back.  There is just no room in the conduit for another coax but i think i could get a cat6 in there.  maybe.


Any other options other than low loss cables for an external ant

Nothing comes to mind. Mesh is your next oprion, although you stated its not an option. Mesh is pretty stable these days.

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