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Anyone else seeing high failure rates with Meraki MR16?

I'm at a small college, with about 110 APs across about 20 buildings. We'd filled up our aging WCS/WLC 4400 wifi system, and so in January replaced it with Cisco/Meraki. We ordered our equipment in late December, and installed during our Winter break. Thus, our first new APs came live about Jan 10th. We started by expanding our wifi coverage into four dorms, and then swapped out the 75 Cisco APs from our old system.

I had two MR16s fail withn the first couple weeks. Got an email report that they were offline, and on investigation found that they had only the Power LED lit orange. No response at all to the reset button, and no sign that they are attempting to boot (No console port on the MR16, but it doesn't seem to boot enough to give any error signal via the LEDs.)

Since then I've had four more failures, for a total of six out of 105 APs deployed. (I still have a few in boxes to go spots where I need to pull cable first). None of these were DOA, they all came up just fine, and failed after a week or a few weeks of operation.

I'm assuming that we just got a bad production run or something, but have no idea how wide scale an issue it might be. So, please let me know if you've seen a failure rate above, say, 1% on Meraki APs.

Conversly , if you got a bunch of MR16s in December 2013 or Jan 2014, and they are all working just fine, let me know that, also.


Steve Bohrer

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Re: Anyone else seeing high failure rates with Meraki MR16?

I haven't heard of anything like that as of yet. I guess the one good thing about Meraki is the free replacement of equipment. What has Meraki said about this?

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New Member

Re: Anyone else seeing high failure rates with Meraki MR16?

Yes, I should have mentioned explictly that Meraki has be great about the replacemnts: advance replacments with fast shipping, so they rush a new AP out to me, and I send the failed one back via slow mail.

Meraki is suprised to see so many failures, though they don't know of any production problem or anything to explain it. So far, they've not (AFAIK) tried any special post mortum on my failed units, but with three failures this past weekend I hope they might take a look at these three returns.

They also offered us the possibility of a couple of free units of their new ac radio, to make up for the troubles, so that is very nice. Support is fine, just the hardware is being a bit troubling. I'm expecting that this is indeed an exceptional case.


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Re: Anyone else seeing high failure rates with Meraki MR16?

Yeah they are good to work with. Hopefully they can figure out if it's a production issue or not. Haven't heard anything about AP's failing like what your seeing.

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New Member

I had a similar issue 31 AP

I had a similar issue 31 AP MR16. Out of those 4 went down. We had them installed two years ago. They started showing orange light nothing could get them out of that state. Support had to send an RSA. Very strange.

If it is any consolation, I also read in a another blog about someone had MR16 failing.  I am starting to believe there is something wrong with the batch.

I like them, but there is not much troubleshooting you can do on the AP's.  A little frustrating if trying to determine a cause.

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We have had 8 fail so far, of

We have had 8 fail so far, of 112. However, there is a fairly recent firmware update (I installed it 31 May 2014; not sure when it was released) that a Meraki tech suggested might help with these failures, though he could not provide details.

This new firmware also has the MR34 version of the "" local client test page, which can do the speed from client device to AP without Java -- this test on the previous firmware was useless for mobile devices, and tricky to configure for the proper Java security exceptions on laptops; whereas with the new firmware it pretty much just works.

I've not have any failures with the new firmware, so I'm optimistic on that, though it has only been a month, so not enough time to say it is totally fixed.

New Member

Did you just requested they

Did you just requested they push the firmware out to the AP's? I have been working with support and they have not offer the upgrade.

New Member

I got an email from a tech

I got an email from a tech who had been involved on my latest ticket about an AP failure:

"I've scheduled the software upgrade for your next maintenance window on Wed 11th June at 6am. Alongside the fix for the issue contributing to MR16 failures the following enhancements are included:

New VLAN debugging tools to help detect VLAN configuration problems

Distributed layer 3 roaming (no concentrator appliance required)

802.11k (radio resource management) and 802.11r (fast BSS transition) wireless protocols

Hotspot 2.0/802.11u wireless protocols

Enhanced stability and performance improvements"

He also suggested that I could push it out sooner by logging into and then going to the Configure > Network-wide settings page. On that page, in the "Firmware upgrades" section was the date the tech mentioned, but also the options to "Reschedule the upgrade" and to "Perform the upgrade now".  I scheduled it for early the next Saturday morning.

(These options are usually greyed-out if your firmware is up-to-date. The page also notes when you last did an upgrade; however, I don't know if there's anything that shows the firmware version you are running.)

I asked the tech who sent the above for more details about "the fix for the issue contributing to MR16 failures" but he says it is not public information.