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Anyone seen strange behavior with wired guest access on WLAN Controller?

Cisco Doc ID 99470 spells out how to deploy wired guest access over wireless LAN Controllers.

That said, everything has been up and working for almost a year.  Guest wireless uses anchor controller in DMZ - no issues.

Recently configured two wired ports for wired guest networking.  The desktops get the correct IP address via DHCP.  A wireless client (on the table right next to the wired clients) on the guest wireless gets an IP address as expected as well.

Open a continuous ping to the gateway on all three machines.

The two desktops will ping for a few minutes and then stop for 30 seconds or longer.  Wireless client will keep its connection.  (you might think it would be the other way around)

I understand there is a 65,535 second inactivity timeout, but I am only sitting here for minutes, not 18 hours when this happens.

On the wired desktops, you have to bring up a browser and log back in just as you do on a wireless client ever few minutes.  After debugging the client, I found a "failed to find scb" message in the output.

The other trick here is that the wired clients are miles away from where I can actually get on the CLI of the controller.  This makes it difficult to run a debug and bring up a browser since I am not local to the machines when running debugs.

Has anyone ever see this behavior?  Has anyone see the "failed to find scb" message?

Thanks in advance!


essfully plumbed mobile rule (ACL ID 255)

*pemReceiveTask: Dec 30 11:33:15.735: 00:25:b3:ce:cb:ef tokenID = 5

*pemReceiveTask: Dec 30 11:33:15.735: 00:25:b3:ce:cb:ef Set bi-dir guest tunn

el for 00:25:b3:ce:cb:ef as in Export Foreign role

*pemReceiveTask: Dec 30 11:33:15.735: 00:25:b3:ce:cb:ef Added NPU ent

ry of type 1, dtlFlags 0x4

*spamReceiveTask: Dec 30 11:34:54.569: CCKM: Send CCKM cache entry

FP08:(33207772)[cmdSendNodeInfo:3787]failed to find scb 0023.2422.c6eb

*mmListen: Dec 30 11:35:58.539: 00:25:b3:ce:cb:ef Scheduling deletion of Mobi

le Station: (callerId: 73) in 1 seconds

*mmListen: Dec 30 11:35:59.471: 00:25:b3:ce:cb:ef Scheduling deletion of Mobi

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