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AP 1231 - Getting deauthenticated from AP after Broadcast key rotation.

Hello ,

I am using AP 1231, to connect a my handheld to wifi lan.

AP is configured for WPA security and Brodcast key rotation set to 700 seconds.

My handheld is getting deauth after key rotation interval, ( i am not sure if this feature is causing deauth ).

But why i suspect borad cast key rotation can be a culprit because.. I came acros a field notification about AP1200, which says Wireless clients using LEAP and Broadcast Key Rotation, who are associated to an access point with VLANs disabled, will lose connectivity with the access point after the second key rotation. The workaround is to enable VLANs, but this consequently prevents the use of Proxy Mobile IP on that device.

My question is WPA and LEAP are the same ?

Point to be worried is that in order to get reassociated with AP , my handheld is taking 60 to 90 seconds. ( which i figured out from airframes captured in Laptop).Previously it used to take less than 3 seconds to get reassociated after getting a deauth from AP.

My handheld uses patagas connexant wifi chipset , on which i have not seen such behaviour with other APs.

Please advice.



Re: AP 1231 - Getting deauthenticated from AP after Broadcast ke

Broadcast rotation keys are enabled for a vlan. Increase the broadcast key rotation interval.

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