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AP 1231G doesnt accept break sequence.

Hi all,

I need urgent help. I need to boot our

AP to rommon, but It doesnt accept break sequence Ctrl + break. I use putty as connection client to console port of AP.

Any idea?




Re: AP 1231G doesnt accept break sequence.

If you're desperate, you can always delete/rename the IOS image in flash and reboot.

Otherwise, try a different terminal program, such as Hyperterminal or TeraTerm. Maybe it's just putty - I've seen some terminals have issues sending break commands.

New Member

Re: AP 1231G doesnt accept break sequence.

Hi Jeff,

problem is that AP doesnt accept break sequence when I unplug and plug AP. It boots normally further. But et the end of booting I cannot go to CLI when I press Enter. Thats the problem.

I tried other apps like Hyperterm, SecureCRT and so on, but without results.

Any idea?




Re: AP 1231G doesnt accept break sequence.

Unfortunately I've never seen this particular issue. Have you opened a TAC case on this yet? If not I would do so and see what they suggest.

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Re: AP 1231G doesnt accept break sequence.

I don't think you can do the break like a switch or router.... what exactly are you trying to fix? If its a firmware issue then do the following:

To recover this AP1200, I would do this:

1. Get an AP1200 image from CCO; use one of the following IOS versions:




2. Find a computer that you can play with, and put a known good TFTP server

on it. I like the current Solarwinds server; if you have your own

favorite, so much the better.

3. Put the new AP1200 image into the TFTP server's root direction; rename

it to "c1200-k9w7-tar.default".

3. Address this computer's LAN adapter with

4. Put this computer and the AP1200 on the same LAN.

5. Perform the mode button recovery procedure.

If its a password reset then follow this link:

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