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AP 1310 and WAP54g Linksys

Hi, Im trying to set up a Wireless network. I have got a aironet 1310 in the AP mode with a 12 dB antenna in a campus, In some areas the signal its not strong.

Now a Decide to use some linksys WAP54g in the repeater mode. I dont have any security aplied on the equipment.

Im using the same Channel, the same SSID for both devices. but still i can gte for both devices work each other!!!

I think i am missing some thing on the 1310.......



Re: AP 1310 and WAP54g Linksys

Your using a rather high gain antenna, meaning the energy is concentrated.

I looked quick on the Cisco Antenna Reference Guide, (, and the only 12dBi antenna i saw was the AIR-ANT24120. While this is an omni-directional antenna, it does not radiate much energy in terms of the elevation plane. So depending on how you have this mounted and the environment your in.. You may need to look at a different antenna.

Let us know how you have this mounted and where. More the info the better.

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Re: AP 1310 and WAP54g Linksys

I highly apreciate your comments Robert. And I will take your advice.

But how do i make a difference between i high gain antenna and a low gain antenna.

In this document it referes to the AIR-ANT24120 like a high gain antena!!!! and it seems to me like the best option for an omnidirectional evriroment.

What other choice do i have?

Im trying to implement this wireless lan on a campus, it has less than 1 square Km. there are eleven houses made of concrete. All the houses are very close to the AP and the antenna.

An the signal its not goin in to the houses. and following your theory its logical.

Thats why im trying to repeat the signal but its not working. so i think im missing some configuration on the 1310. Should i configure some thing on this device so another device (LINKSYS WAP54G) can repeat his signal? or all the repeating configuration should be on the linksys?

Re: AP 1310 and WAP54g Linksys

I've used the rule of thumb that higher than 10dBi is a high gain antenna, ~5-9dBi is nominal gain. Again this is my rule of thumb and the official Cisco documentation may say something different.

The path loss for 2.4Ghz with concrete is between 10-15dB. Every 3dB is a half of the original signal and ever 10dB is a tenth of the signal.

My previous theory may or not be correct based on how you have the antenna mounted and the relative position of your stations(users laptops). Purely as an example and not using the specs of the antenna.. If you have the antenna mounted 50' above the ground and the users laptop is at 4', your going to have some coverage issues.

1 square Km is very aggressive with a single AP. You will likely have speed/connectivity issues or the lack of cell coverage all together as an outdoor environment has trees, poles, and also everyone else's 2.4ghz wlan. Your lucky to get 300' in most environments and thats at 1mb!

The simple reply to this, is that this sounds like you will need to look at additional APs and may want to consider the mesh technology.

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Re: AP 1310 and WAP54g Linksys

Thats why I want to repeat the signal with The Linksys WAP54G ap but its not Working!!!!

Should I configure something on the Aironet 1310 AP?

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