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New Member

Ap 340 connection not stable

I have 16 Ap 340 with 11.07 software and 1 Ap 1100 with 12.02 software in one building,

All Ap 340 loss connection about 5 seconds to ethernet backbond and sometimes must be hard booting to connection agains.

But the Ap 1100 have stable connection all days.

I had upgrade AP 340 to 12.03 firmware, but it's not solved the proble.

I had also change ap 340 with 1 ap 350, but it's not stable too.

What is the different between Ap 340 and Ap 1100 series? Hwo to solved this problem?

New Member

Re: Ap 340 connection not stable

Did You fix speed and duplex setting between AP and Switch? Maybe duplex problem ?

New Member

Re: Ap 340 connection not stable

I use default setting auto speed, i had change to 10 base t halt duplex and another setting speed. Is it can be switch problem? but why ap 1100 can operated normally and client with ethernet card is also normall.

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