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AP 350

AP 350 cannot see the linksys router. I can connect to the AP but not able to ping the router. All LEds normal on both devices. I have verified the ip address and they are within the same range and have turned off DHCP on both device.

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Re: AP 350

Please give the description of the whole setup.

Is the AP 350 connected to one of the ports of the Linksys router ?

Ap 350 will just work as a HUB. If you hard code your wireless client adapter in the same range as the linksys router IP address ( I guess its you should be able to ping the router (

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Re: AP 350

Current settings are as you mentioned but still not able to ping the router. The lights on the router indicate normal cable connection and the status on the AP shows Ethernet wired lan connected. But at the same time Ap is getting quite a bit eoors on packets on the wired side of the LAn.

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Re: AP 350

1)Can you console into the AP and try set the ethernet speed to 10MBps and Half dulpex.

When you are connected thru the console, check if the main menu shows if the Ehternet status is UP.

2) Could you connect witht he ehternet card to the routher port, and I asssume that it works,. When you insert a AP in between there are problems on the wired side of it, right ?

I have a number of AP that have bad Ethernet port on them.

To check that you could see logs thur the console, chek the ethernet status on the main page.

To check if the AP forwards the packets, you could

try thr following setup.

a) dektop or a laptop with a ethernet card, hard code the IP to

b) cross-over cable

c) AP - hard code the ethernet port to

Connect the Ap with the cross-overcable to desktop.

d) a wireless client ( laptop with a wireless card), hard code the ip to

Try to ping form your client, also if you can set up file sharing between the both, pass a 50mb file back and forth and check for errors on the eth port.

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