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AP Association decision ...

Hi folks

I would like to know, how my laptop decide to associate to one AP rather than two others

AP nearby. I assume to be associated to the nearest AP. But It's not always the case, why ?

Do my laptop decide regarding the management frame (beacon) receive from each AP.

And why suddenly my laptop move from one AP to another AP, without moving ?

Actually, it happens quiet often.


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Re: AP Association decision ...

Unfortunately this is not a easy and clear answer.  As per the 802.11 specs the client decides when and where to roam.  Every client card vendor has their own algorithm to decide when the client should start looking for a new AP to roam.  Some just use signal strength, others use complex algorithms of RSSI, channel utilization, number of currently associated clients, etc.   The issue is that most vendors don't release exactly what they use in their algorithm but most cards do have a way to adjust the roaming characturistics.  These tweaks are typically done under the wireless NIC driver.

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Re: AP Association decision ...

Thank you Dan,

Now assume that the device is not my laptop but a Cisco IP Phone 7921.

Please, could you tell me, which algorithm use Cisco for this device. And

does it exist a way to adjust the roaming charasteristics on it.

Many thanks


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