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AP association via WPA-PSK

I have two 1131AG’s (12.3(7)JA1) in my environment that I am currently using WPA-PSK for encryption. I am using the same 63 character PSK on both AP’s. I am running multiple VLAN’s through both access points.

My scenario:

I take my laptop, select which network I want to associate with on the 1st AP, enter the PSK and I can successfully connect to the network. From there I walk my laptop over to the range of the second AP, lose connection, have to manually select a network from the second AP and re-enter the same PSK. Once done I successfully connect to the network, then from there I can roam between the two AP’s with no problem.

Is this normal behavior to have to enter the same PSK when initially connecting to two different AP’s that use the same key? Or is there an easier way to streamline this process?

Thank you for your input.


Re: AP association via WPA-PSK

Well this is a expected behaviour. Wireless clients, when they roam from AP to another AP will have to reauthenticate to the second AP. Thats the reason it is asking for the PSK when the AP roams to another AP.

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