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AP connection with WLC on remote site

For the moment, i've got site A up and running concerning Wireless.
The idea is that we've got 2 SSID's. One for internal users, and one for guests.
This is working great.


We look like now to prolong this setup to our second site. This site is already interconnected by VPN.

Is this possible, and if so, what do i need to configure in order to have the AP6 & AP7 connected to the WLC1?


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The SSID's on the second can

The SSID's on the second can/may be different that the current ones....

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Hi Ben,Simply what you need

Hi Ben,

Simply what you need is allow your filrewall for traffic (5246 & 5247) from AP6 & 7 vlan  to your WLC management.

If you already sent these to branch then you can configure DHCP option 43 under Vlan 30 to advertise your WLC IP to your AP. Otherwise if you have AP console access you can simply configure WLC IP address statically on the AP using below command.

LAP#capwap ap primary-base <controller_name> <controller_IP_Addres>

If it is still in your main office you can put it to vlan 1 & register them to your 2504. Once register, you can go to AP (Wireless ->Select AP -> High Availability ) & put your WLC name & IP address in Primary controller information via GUI as well.

So then AP will always come & register to your WLC as long as it has IP reachability to your WLC.

Refer these post for more understanding about AP registration.



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Sorry for the very late

Sorry for the very late response. I was away for a few weeks... :$
It seems to work (a bit, got a problem with the image version).


The AP is seeing the WLC now.

One thing I had to change was to updated my DNS server with the host: "CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTROLLER" and the IP



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