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AP doesn't join the controller

Hello all,

I have this weird problem where an AP 3502 doesn't join the controller after it was configured first time. The AP is shown on show ap summary (uptime 00:00:00 and Operational Status UNKNOWN) regardless is the AP connected to network or not.

When I try to connect the AP to network it doesn't find controllers (blinks red and greed led) and only thing what any debug shows from this device is:

aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff:gg Received LWAPP DISCOVERY REQUEST to xx:zz:xx:xx:aa:bb on port '13'

aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff:gg Discarding LWAPP discovery request from AP since AP entry already exist in CAPWAP

I have reseted the AP from mode button but it still is shown as a entry on WLC. Nothing can be changed from the AP configuration what is shown.

I tried to delete ap with config delete ap command without success.

WLC is 5508 and running 7.0 code.

I'm getting really frustraded

Any ideas?

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Re: AP doesn't join the controller


Please mention the exact Image of wlc???

Be aware that these AP support first IOS as:

AIR-CAP3501E - 7.0.98.x

AIR-CAP3501I - 7.0.98.x

AIR-CAP3502E - 7.0.98.x

AIR-CAP3502I - 7.0.98.x

AIR-CAP3502P -

I  suggest please update the image to 7.2 or 7.3 greater.

Please dont forget to upgrade FUS.


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Re: AP doesn't join the controller

Can you please post the following output:

1. WLC: sh sysinfo;
2. WLC: sh time;
3. AP: sh version;
4. AP: sh inventory; and
5. AP: sh ip interface brief

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Hello there,I am facing the

Hello there,

I am facing the same problem.

I have WLC with software and access-points 1552c.


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HI Andre,Can you please

HI Andre,

Can you please create a new fresh post and put the output of these commands:

WLC: sh sysinfo
AP: sh version



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Okay... https://supportforums


I don´t have access to access-point ...



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