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AP Group

i have 4 wireless lan controllers for 4 deifferent bldgs access points.

i am confuse to configure ap groups for all of them.

i need any one to sort mew out this all like here is senario

crt1 - ctrl2 - ctrl3 - ctrl4

bldg1 - bldg2- bldg3- bldg4

for bldg1's access points ctrl1 in primary,ctrl2 is secondry and ctrl3 is teritry

for bldg2----------------------- ctrl2 is pri  ctrl3 is secondry    and ctrl4 is tertry

for bld3        -------------- ctrl3 is pri   ctrl 4 is secondry and ctlr 1 is teritry

for bldg4 -------------------ctrl4 is primary    ctlr1 is secondry and ctrl2 is teritry

i have 3 ssids to do braodcast every where in all those bldgs.

now please help me out here that how i can configure ap groups in all of these ctrls.

here is example of bldg1's ap is that

if i just configure ctrl1 for bldg1' ap group than what about if ctrl1 goes down and access point will join ctrl2 but i have there only apgroup for bldg2 only not for one so how the user can access to network

here donot consider default group i donot want to use that.

any idea please


Re: AP Group

Yes your config needs to match across the WLC or what you are trying ti do.

If WLC 1 goes down the APs will move ti WLC 2. If their AP group is not configured, they will fall into the default group.

That brig said, how your LAN is configured is part of it as well. If each building has its own sinners and you are routing between them, you might want to look at either extending the subnets across all buildings I configuring FlexConnect.

That way when the AP move to their secondary the users are still able to connect ti the appropriate subnet.

Keep in mind that the AP will have knowledge of all the WLC in the mobility group so if WLC 1 goes down and wlc2&3 are loaded an ap could join WLC 4.


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Re: AP Group

thanks for your reply Steve

so in this way let say ctrl1 which is primary for bldg1 and 2ndry for bld4 and terity for bldg3

so i need to configur it for all those buildings like apgroup of bldg1, bldg4 & 3 as well but only change the user vlans as i have for those all bldgs separate separate.vlans for users per ssid.

is this ok like that?


Re: AP Group

Yes, you want all the WLC to have all the AP groups configured on it in case the AP failover. However, if you set different interfaces in the groups the clients are going to need to re-ip in order to pass traffic,and if they don't see a service interruption they may not do it.

If you're not able to have the L2 access to the VLAN at each WLC I'd look at FlexConnect. That way it won't matter which WLC the AP is on, the traffic will be sent to the port the AP is connected to.


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