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AP grouping WLC5508


can someone help me please? I'm trying to have AP grouping on my network under the same SSID. the problem I'm having is the client are fine if they boot up initially on their location. they are fine if they roam around and maintain the connectivity but if they are on different location and stay there they stick to their old IP! restart or disconnect reconnect from the SSID wont help. they keep asking for their old IP from external DHCP and get it! 

I believe the WLC doesn't put them on the right VLAN.

Please note that I used interface grouping and added all those VLANs interface under it and then assign this Group interface to the SSID. Is this correct? I cant find any proper document for 5508. what ever i find is for 4402 and old and the config menu is different. 

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This is default behavior,

This is default behavior, clients will retain same IP if they roam around within a same mobility group WLCs.

What is your requirement ? Can you explain it bit more with detail




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HI. I actually answered to


I actually answered to your comment in your website :) 

Well , here is the problem. I re-image 40 clients in IT room which is belong to AP with VLAN A. then after its done and update and everything, I send them back to their original location to operate. In their original location when they boot up they have to get an IP from VLAN B but they some how stick to their previous IP from range A. they are connected but its like they are on the roam state! I have other buildings too which they have different VLAN but some how they stick with the old range A address. 

its like they send DHCP inform message to external DHCP , saying I had this IP can I have it back? and the DHCP says YES! and WLC in between put everything on the wrong VLAN because range B request on VLAN B should be not valid. 

Thanks for your help. this thing is putting me under massive work pressure .


P.S. Update

Its now complete free for all!! The client on first boot in the network gets IP from whatever range is available! we have 6 VLAN interface defined in the WLC and all of them are under one interface group. that int group is assigned to the SSID. 

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