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ap groups

Good Day,

Configuring groups seems so straightforward, but I can't seem to get it right.

My objective is to have ap's on differing subnets/vlans broadcast the same SSID.

I have two vlans, 560 and 561. I have created dynamic interfaces called 560 and 561 and configured them on the corresponding vlan. I have created three wlans named 560, 561 and building (the SSID I want to use for all ap's). Wlan 560 and 561 are configured to run on their coresponding interfaces and the Building wlan is configured for the management interface. This is where I am beginning to get a little confused.

I next created two ap groups, one called 560 and one called 561. For each of these I mapped the interface to the Building SSID.

I then went to configure the ap's named, surprise, 560 and 561. I assigned 560 to group 560 and 561 to 561.

I've juggled many of these parameters to no avail.

Any pointers greatly appreciated.


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Re: ap groups

Hi Can u pelase post configuration to more troubleshoot?

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Re: ap groups

It would be easier if you posted your configuration. What you should have is 2 dynamic interfaces assigned to vlan 560 and 561. The management should be untagged also. Then you should have 2 wlans (ssid's). One ssid that certain ap's will use the ap groups to map to vlan 560 and the others to vlan 561. The management ssid will map to the management interface. So you only need to have 2 ssid's and as many ap groups as you want... so far you only need 2 (vlan 560 & 561).

this link might help you understand, since it uses one ssid but multiple vlans.

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